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Journal Articles

The Exterminator (Academic Pediatrics 2010;10:12–3) – article on removing insects from children’s ears and poverty

The Haircut (JAMA, August 4, 2010—Vol 304, No. 5)- article on young gun shot victim

Jeremy (Medical Economics March 25, 2015)- article on urban obesity. 1st place Physician Writing Contest

Radio Interview

WHYY Radio Times Interview- May 26, 2016-  “How poverty hurts kids health”

City Council Testimony

Eviction Crisis in Philadelphia click here (go to 2:04) March 20, 2017

TV Interview

Fox 29 10/12/2017 Increasing suicide rates in teens

Philadelphia Inquirer Health and Science Articles

My kids are the ones caught in the opioid crisis. Who speaks for them?- June 14, 2018

Kids who can’t stop going (Pollakiuria)- June 3, 2018

The Stress of Poverty is a Serious Disease for Philadelphia’s Children– Broke In Philly Op-Ed 5/22/18

The toddler who walked like an old man (Discitis)– April 23, 2018

The crisis of teen suicide needs more attention– October 8, 2017

Why is this 4-year-old so often in the ER? (PFAPA) Sept. 3, 2017

Preventing Infant Deaths- July 23, 2017

A Pediatricians View: What with GOPs Budget do to Philadelphia’s Most Vulnerable June 24, 2017

What made a once-happy child so anxious- (PANDAS)- June 18, 2017

The secret ingredient that helps kids overcome the toxic effects of poverty- April 16, 2017

A toddler with wounded thumb-and a rare diagnosis- March 12, 2017

The Uneven Odds in Phila. “lottery of birth” – January 15, 2017

Why were his daughter hands blue? Medical Mystery December 5, 2016

This silent epidemic has been increasing in kids (Dental Caries)- June 19, 2016

A doctor’s call to action on poverty in childhood. April 24, 2016

Trusting a mother’s instincts. Discoid Lupus. March 27, 2016

High-quality pre-K reaps big rewards March 20, 2016

Sudden thigh pain sidelines this young athlete. SCFE January 18, 2016

What was making this boy pale and lethargic? TEC January 3, 2016

Youths’ higher use of marijuana- November 22, 2015

Obesity, tooth decay in “healthy Kids drinks- October 18, 2015

What is the source of a girl’s many bruises- October 18,2015

Symptoms of ADHD mirror those of Stress August 30, 2015

Why did this boy suddenly lose his ability to walk? August 23, 2015

Why the rash, hair loss and irritability in a 4-month-old? July 26, 2015

Were strange marks on child  sign of abuse? June 2, 2015

Help for victims of human trafficking- April 12, 2015

C-Sections carry risks for mother and child- February 8, 2015

Bruising, Red Dots on Body Points to a Problem (CF case) December 28, 2014

What was caused this child’s abdominal pain (Neuroblastoma case)- October 5, 2014

How life’s difficulties can affect a child’s DNA September 28, 2014

Child at risk for very early heart disease July 6, 2014

The big emotional , financial costs of childhood poverty– June 22, 2014

Boy’s aching legs increased trouble with stairs June 1, 2014

Long-acting contraception as a public health priority March 23, 2014

Breast feeding benefits newborn and mother February 23, 2014

Guns in the home raise suicide risk for all October 27, 2013

Effective, vital WIC benefits at risk October 13, 2013

Signs of abuse are the dark side of pediatrics September 1, 2013

Treating kids fever properly July 1, 2013

Link between early trauma and bad health June 10, 2013

HIV testing for teens remains a necessity  May 19, 2013

A toddler with raging fever, swelling May 5, 2013

Gun’s are children’s worst enemies January 22, 2013

Snoring can signal serious childhood ills December 24, 2012

From their earliest age, children must have words December 11, 2012

Teen Pregnancy’s high cost August 30, 2012

Invisible health villain for children: Thirdhand smoke July 18, 2012

A healthy partnerships when traditional medicine can’t do it all (Medical Legal Partnership) May 24, 2012

Doctors should increase domestic violence screening April 11, 2012

Epicenter of an epidemic: Hospital sees fallout from violence afflicting city’s children February 29, 2012

Battling illness and health illiteracy February 8, 2012

Teens are seldom honest about serious sexual health matters January 6, 2012

Each child’s missed doctor’s appointment is a missed opportunity December 14, 2011

A Phila. pediatrician writes of the sickening effects of childhood obesity August 29, 2011

A parent in prison: Tough hurdle for a child to clear June 8, 2011

When children face continuous traumatic stress disorder May 25, 2011


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